Library closure

The library will be closed on the 10th and 11th of July to faciliate staff training. We apologise for any inconvenience. All online services, including access to e-journals and exam papers will remain in place.

Please note that you can renew items on loan using My Account. Just log on and follow the instructions.

Mozilla Firefox 3 - Web site of the week

Fire fox have released version 3 of their browser. It can now be downloaded from the forefax home page. Please check that Firefox is supported / allowed on you pc / network before you download it.

Find out more at the Firefox features page.

National Photograpic Archive - Web site of the Week

The National Photographic Archive in Meeting House Square, Temple Bar, now has part of it's collection online. These photographs can be searched through the photographic catalogue at the National Library of Ireland. You can search by title, subject, or photographer. For example the results of a search for John J. Clarke as the photographer bring up 165 results, and most of the photographs can be viewed online.

Fame Database Added

The Library now provides access to the FAME database.

FAME provides information on 3.6 million companies in the UK and Rep. of Ireland including company accounts, ratios, activities, ownership and management for the largest 2.6 million UK and Irish companies, summary information for a further 1 million smaller businesses.
Please let us know what you think of Fame, or if you have any difficulties by posting a comment below

Summer opening hours

The library will be open 9 to 5

Monday to Friday for the summer.

The loan period for the summer for students has been extended to one month to make up for the shorter opening hours.

New Entrance to Library

The new entrance to the Institute is under construction for the summer. So you need to enter through the canteen door.

Apologies for the disturbance.

New iPhone not perfect, but there's a lot to like

(CNET) Almost one year after the original Apple iPhone went on sale, Apple CEO Steve Jobs has announced a 3G version of the device, finally putting to rest months of rumors and speculation.
While some of the rumors panned out the new handset will offer full GPS. Other rumors, like the addition of a 32GB model, fizzled.
But even with the long list of basic features that Apple still is denying us (hello, multimedia messaging?), the addition of 3G support is a big win.
Read more on CNN

Ulysses for dummies

Here it is what we have all been waiting for:
Ulysses for Dummies...
EACH CHAPTER HAS IT'S OWN PAGE, and a cartoon illustration of what is happening... It's a light hearted tool for new Joyce fans.


Are you interested in what makes you tick? The world behind your eyes: your subconscious, why you act in certain ways?
Well, it's your lucky day.
The library has a free trial to articles from the American Psychological Association until the middle of August.
So check it out and tell us what you think of it.

What do you want on your library blog?

Welcome to our work in progress:
a library blog so you can easily give us feedback and get all the information you need.

As this is all about what you need- tell us your ideas below.