How To Book A Library Group Study Room

Some time ago the library moved to an online booking system for group study rooms. As we have had some queries about this recently we thought we would remind you how to go about this. 

Below is a simple video which explains how to go about placing a booking through the library website:


Or simply follow these steps:
  • Click on the 'Book a room' link on the library website
  • Log in to the library server using:
    • Your name as it is on your library account
    • Your student number
    • Your self assigned PIN
  • This brings you to the booking screen.
  • Click on date you want to book for, then the time you want to book.
  • Scroll across using the scroll bar for all available times.
  • You are requested to only book one room session per day and a maximum of two per week.
  • Click Continue
  • Enter your details, Name, e-mail, Student number.
  • Click submit. 
  • If you have successfully made a booking, you will get an e-mail message telling you that you have booked, and the time and date. (E-mail address you used on the form above)
  • You must confirm your booking within 15 minutes.
If you need to cancel a booking at any time you can do so using the link in the confirmation email.

We hope this helps!