LibraryReads January 2016

Put away the textbooks! Exams are nearly over and it's time for a bit of light reading or DVD watching!
The library has a good fiction and DVD  section with a range of books and DVD's to suit all tastes. Do come to the library and have a browse.

You can search for our newest book and DVD arrivals HERE

or Search the full catalogue here

Our special January display is just inside the library door and this month it's all about learning a language, health, and cooking. You can borrow any of these books or DVD's straight away!

LibraryReads (books recommended by librarians across the world),
has announced it's top ten books for January 2016.
Included are Ian Rankin's new Rebus novel, Bill Bryson's The Road to Little Dribbling and lots more!
Many of these books are now available in public libraries across the country.
 See the full top ten list at: LibraryReads 

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