Mendeley Training: March 2016

Mendeley: Wednesday

Mendeley training was delivered by Gillian. It is different in that there are three different ways to use use it: 
  1. Desktop
  2. Web interface
  3. Mobile App
Mendeley has many of the same functions as RefWorks and EndNote. Documents can be attached to citations, highlighted and annotated. 

Your different versions of Mendeley need to be synced each time you use them to make sure you have the same citations in each one. 

Abstracts can be previewed in a collapsable third column. 
Mendeley will track what you have read in Mendeley
Files can be dragged and dropped into Mendeley and have data automatically generated from them.
The 'Export to Mendeley' option in Science Direct brings the relevant pdf with it. 

Groups can be set up to share and annotate documents - permissions dependent. 

There is a word plug in which is installed with MS Word closed. It can be found on the References tab / ribbon. The insert citation function links to the desktop version of Mendeley, so you need to be sure everything is synced before you begin. Multiple authors can be cited at once. 

You can export your word document without the Mendeley fields for sharing with supervisors / co-authors. 

Mendeley will suggest papers based no what others working with the same materials are saving. There is also an option to view related research. You can follow people to see what they are reading, or join groups with similar research interests.

Getting started with Mendeley

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