Endnote basic training: March 2016

Endnote Basic 

This was a longer session, slower paced, which focused on the web based version of the Endnote reference management platform. Our trainer was Bob. 

Collecting citations can be undertaken several ways: 
    1. Use th collect tab and select the library you want to search, and save results.
      1. IT Tallaght, British Library, COPAC etc. 
    2. Via Find IT using the export to endnote pop down option in the saved folder. 
    3. Using the web browser plug in 
    4. Using the export to endnote option on databases such as Web of Science and Business Source Complete 
Some exports save as .ris files. Click on the file to upload it to EndNote, and log in if prompted. 

Once set to Endnote, Bob our trainer suggested adding them to groups as we go in order to keep some structure on them. The group concept is like a folder. 

+3,500 citation styles are available in Endnote. If you do not see the one you want, contact the library and they can add more. 

There is a MS Word plug in which facilitates in line citations, including multiple authors, and the generation of a bibliography based on these. Edits to citations should be done in Endnote not word, as they may be last at the next update of Endnote into word. 

This plugin can reformat your citations and bibliography into another citation style at the click of a button. 

Bob advises reviewing your citations as you import them to ensure you have all the data you need, and removing duplicates as you go. 

Files can be attached to a citation, this is indicated by a blue paper clip under the entry. 

Connect is a new social media type service where you can create a profile of  yourself and connect to research and researchers of a similar vane.

The match tab allows you to find a journal that matches you to journals which match the research you wish to publish. Input your title and/ or abstract and the search results will suggest journals which might be a good match for your subject matter. 

Training videos for Endnote

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