Library Web Site Changes - Summer 2016

There have been some updates and development of the library web site over the summer, the highlights of which are listed below.

1.      New layout on the library homepage to make our services more easily identifiable. .
a.      Groups of links include, research supports, about the library, help etc.
2.      New layout on the library log in page
a.      Option to include e-books in your search.
b.      Peer reviewed journals are highlighted with a peer reviewed icon
c.      Open Access journals are highlighted with an open access icon
d.      Search directly across a journals content using the search box beneath the holdings / coverage information.
e. Search directly on Pub MED ID or DOI. 
f.      Feel free to link to these from Moodle
4.      New exam paper search page, search by exact course title or course code.
a.      Links to browse by department are retained.
b.      Feel free to link to these in Moodle
5.      Changes to Find IT Search results:
    1. Introduction of the pop-out menu (sometimes referred to as the “hamburger” icon) on the top right of the desktop view includes the link to RefWorks Log In.
                                                    i.     Refworks integrates completely with Find IT Search and once logged in to Refworks via this link, results saved to your folder save directly into your RefWorks account. (No need to export or type up the citation)
1.      This RefWorks account has a browser plugin to capture citations in your browser, and a MS Word plug in that integrates RefWorks into Word for the generation of inline citations, and bibliographies in your selected referencing style. See more at:
a.      Refworks accounts are available to everyone, please let your students know.
                                                   ii.      Widget Builder: build a search box and use the code generated to place it on your Moodle or web pages.
    1. Responsive design, mirroring the interface for smartphones and tablets; Facet pane improvements—easier include and exclude, ability to search/filter long facet lists, addressed issues with location of Apply and Cancel)
    2. Better integration of the Preview Pane; now displayed underneath each result
                                                    i.     The ‘Preview’ link under results displays the citation information from Web of Knowledge and remains on view until you click on the link again to collapse it.
    1. New date picker, including suggested preformatted date ranges as links
    2. WCAG (Level AA target) /  Section 508 Accessibility Review which will include an update of our compliance checklist
f.       Changed “Permalink” text to “Permanent Link”, added a link icon, and added a success alert after copy; this link can now be found in the expanded preview pane underneath each result
                                                     i.     Feel free to use these links on readings lists and on Moodle.
g.      The facets / limits remain on the left hand menu allowing you to select full text books, or book reviews, or images within a particular discipline, and date range.
h.      Live RSS feeds of staff publications available via the Find IT Search index added to the staff publications listings at:
6.      New layout on the Subject Support home page and the Subject Portals, includes a discipline specific Find IT Search box, links to the Subject Internet Gateways, top databases for the discipline, guides, and more.
a.      Some of the subject internet gateways have also been updated. This will continue throughout the semester. As always contact your subject liaison librarian if you want a link added or removed.
b.      The code for these Find IT Search discipline specific search boxes is available from
7.      Room booking for students, and book a research consultation for all, have been updated to provide reminder e-mails a few hours in advance.
a.      Research consultations are available to all, and can be booked for an hour. A librarian will go through library resources to support your research and sources to search for your specific research query. This can be booked at:
8.      The How to Research Your Assignment Tutorial has been updated to reflect the changes above, and updated to a responsive design. See more about tutorials at:
a.      These tutorials can be linked to from Moodle, or for further use SCORM files are available to download.
9.      Infographics of library use statistics have been added to the about the library page.
10.   A random selection of books added to the library is visible when you visit your library account / record. A full listing of new titles is available at :
a.      You can create an alert based on a library catalogue search, so you can will be automatically notified if a title of interest is added to the catalogue.
                                                     i.     Log in to your library account, search for your subject area or a specific title. Save the search. Go to the saved search list and select the tick box beside it to activate the search.

1.      Examples: photography, cookery, biology, mathematics, etc. 

Please contact the library if you have any difficulties with the library web site. 

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