Connecting Google Scholar to your Library Resources

If you use Google Scholar, you can set it up to recognise articles that we have access to here in the library. Then you can click on the library link to the article and log in to access it using your library account. 

To set this up:
1.       Log into your Google Account
2.       Log into your Library Account
3.       Go to
4.       Click on settings on the home page
5.       Select Library Links from the navigation menu on the left
6.       Search for Library IT Tallaght
7.       Tick the box beside Library IT Tallaght
8.       Click Save
9.       You can now search with our subscriptions activated in your results

(tip- We recommend that you log into that library before you begin a session of searching on Google to avoid having to log in later. ) 

Please note if you have set this up previously you need to do this again and select the new Library IT Tallaght entry.

To make this process clearer we have created a very short video of how to do this: 

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