Reading week - library open normal hours


Tuesday 30th October  - Thursday 1st  November       8am - 8pm
Friday 2nd November       8am - 5pm

Saturday 3rd November  - Closed
For full details of library opening hours, exhibitions and events go to:

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TWO Exciting Video Trials starting today! - Art Films and SAGE Videos

The library has arranged two three-month trials of video materials.

1.  Art Films – digital - trial until 31st December 2018
Artfilms offer more than 5000 films for arts education and arts practitioners
Masterclasses, documentaries, interviews, content that can entertain, educate and inform: Artfilms streams thousands of videos from top artists and producers.
Watch Art Films online  
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2.  SAGE Video - trial until 4th January 2019
SAGE Video showcases highly relevant educational videos across key social science disciplines. Each collection includes a breadth of video types to support diverse research and learning needs. All videos are fully citable with searchable transcripts, custom clip creation and embedding.

View the videos at:  SAGE Videos    
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ITT Short Story Competition- Short List Announced

The short list has been announced for the ITT Short Story Competition as part of the Red Line Festival.
The winners will be announced at the award ceremony on October 11th at 6pm in the Civic Theatre.
You can book a ticket at the following link:

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